Riverside Park

Park Sign
The park has ball fields, a recreation center, an ampitheatre and wooded areas to walk through.
The Greenville Recreation Center was originally built as a USO center during World War II. It was constructed at a cost of $86,000 by the United Service Organization and the War Department. Many of the servicemen stationed at nearby Camp Reynolds (which housed U.S. troops preparing to be shipped out and German prisoners of war) came to the Greenville USO center for entertainment.
the Recreation Center
Public Swimming Pool
The park also boasts a large public swimming pool.
The nature trails allow nature lovers to walk wooded paths along the Shenango River. In spring wild violets and May flowers are in abundance.
Shenango River
Amphitheatre Dedication
The amphitheatre was built in Riverside Park in 1934 by the WPA. It was dedicated to Plimpton L. Graul, a native of Greenville on October 7, 1990.
Amphitheatre Photo 1
Amphitheatre Photo 2

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